Helping the Monastery


The institution “Budismo Theravada da Floresta – Comunidade Religiosa” was officially recognised as Pessoa Colectiva Religiosa under the law ‘Lei da Liberdade Religiosa’, with the fiscal number NIPC 592010040 in July, 2010. It has the object to promoting the Buddha’s teaching through the establishment of a Monastery for the bhikkhus to live and practice.

The Bhikkhu community came to live in Portugal through the invitation of lay people and has the support of the Elders from the lineage of Ajahn Chah. This tradition was brought to the west by Ajahn Sumedho and others western disciples.

Now the monks are living in a rented property in a rural area, 45km from Lisbon. Not far from this property a piece of land has been purchased and the monks and the lay people have been working on the land, looking after the forest in order to restore the native flora while plans to build the Monastery have been submitted for approval by the local town hall.

Many are those who have been asking us how can they support the monastery. There are different aspect of the Monastic life that laity can help with:

Food: The Buddha created a system that guarantees that the monastic community is never separated from the laity, since the first depends on the second for its daily nourishment. In this way there is the possibility of offering the meal to the monastic community. For that please check the meals calendar in the following page calendário de refeições.

Practical help: the lay people can stay overnight as a guest in the monastery, providing some practical help. It is also an opportunity to benefit from the monastic atmosphere and the silence. For that one should previously send an email to the Monastery in order to find out when there are suitable times to come and stay. It is also possible to stay nearby in rented accommodation and come to the Monastery during the day.

Monetary donations: The monetary donations would not only provide some of the daily needs of the community but also help build the monastery, which will create a more suitable space for all.




Mosteiro Budista Sumedharama

Caminho do Vale Grande

Fonte Boa dos Nabos

2655-464 Ericeira


telephone: 261 863  787

mobile phone: +351 917 117 527   


For monetary donations:

  • Bank (in Portugal)– Caixa Geral de Depósitos
  • Account nameBudismo Theravada da Floresta – Comunidade Religiosa
  • IBAN:  PT 50003502160007166183062
  • Swift Code:    CGDIPTPL