Staying at the Monastery


If you’re visiting us for the first time, you can stay up to one week. We do not ask for a monetary charge for your stay, but we do ask that you come with a genuine interest in participating in our daily routine. In that sense, staying in the monastery is not like a personal retreat with complete silence; there will be some interaction with other guests; keeping in mind a healthy balance between the activities/chores during the morning and seclusion/personal time in the afternoon.

Guests are expected to keep and leave the room and bedding clean, tidy and help maintaining the guesthouse clean.

Being a mendicant tradition we are dependent on what people give us also in terms of food and therefore we can not provide highly specialized diets. The food given to the monastic community is stored in the house where the guests stay, and some days are the guests who prepare the meals for the community.

We ask the guests to arrive between 8 am and 6 pm. We also ask the guests to make sure that all their personal and professional affairs are settled before arriving at the Monastery, with no need for further communications during the time at the Monastery.

To book your stay please send us an email to telling us about yourself and with the dates on which you would like to come.

How to get here

If you come by bus from Lisbon you should catch a bus from ‘Mafrense’ company in Campo Grande bus station, to Ericeira. It takes about one hour from Lisbon to Ericeira.

The Monastery is about 3km away from Ericeira’s terminal bus stop and easier way to reach it is to take a taxi from there.

Regular daily routine that you’re asked to observe:

5:00am – Puja / morning meditation (please try to be on time)

6:00am – Chanting (15 minutes)

6:30am – Morning chores (30 minutes to help preparing the breakfast or doing some general cleaning)

7:00am – Breakfast

8:00-10:00 – Work period (2 hours, helping to prepare the meal, forest work or domestic work)

10:30am – Main meal

The afternoons are usually free for your own personal practice.

19:30pm – Puja / evening meditation

21:00pm – Retiring

All the monastery guests are required to observe the 8 precepts during their stay.

They are as follow:

Harmlessness: not intentionally taking the life of any living creature.

Trustworthiness: not taking anything which is not given.

Celibacy: refraining from any sexual activity.

Right Speech: avoiding false, abusive or malicious speech and idle speech.

Sobriety: not taking any intoxicating drink or drugs.

Renunciation: not eating after midday (1pm in summer time).

Restraint: refraining from games, listening to music and other entertainment and from self-adornment (Guests are asked to dress modestly).

Alertness: to refrain from over indulgence in sleep.