Feb 192012

The monk’s arrival to Portugal is getting near and the necessary preparations to this event are already in place.

Ajahn Vajiro (at the moment in New Zealand) will return to the United Kingdom at the beginning of July and depart to Portugal with two other monks: Ven. Subhaddo and Ven. Kancano.

They will be accompanied by Julian Wall, a friend and supporter of the Sangha, who has made himself available to join this adventure.

The plan is to depart from England on the 13th of July; the travel will be done by car, taking the ferry departing from Portsmouth and arriving in the port of Bilbao in northern Spain.

They will then head towards ‘Santiago de Compostela’ entering Portugal through ‘Gerês’; a visit to ‘Bom Jesus de Braga’ is also scheduled.

Hence, we can expect our pioneers to arrive in Lisbon around the 18th of July, where they will determine the Vassa (this is the period that corresponds with the rainy season in Asia). During this time the monks stay at one place without going out for long periods.

This year the Vassa will start in the beginning of August and it will last until the end of October.

    And so the Sangha starts living in Portugal…